Learn how to draw your own kawaii drawings in 21 days,

even if you are a complete beginner.



Learn how to draw your own kawaii drawings in 21 days,

even if you are a complete beginner.


Imagine you could sit down and just start drawing from imagination. How would that feel?


That's EXACTLY what you will learn in this Kawaii Drawing Challenge.

  • Create drawings you are proud to share

  • Learn while having fun with drawing games and activities

  • Design your first original kawaii character after just 2 lessons

    • Download all materials to use on your iPad and offline

    • Lifetime access

    • Self-paced lessons

    • 30 day money-back guarantee

      What will I learn in 21 days?

      You will learn how to draw your own unique kawaii characters. We’ll break it down into quick and easy, step-by-step tutorials. Here’s what you’ll do for 15 minutes each day, for 21 days.

      • Day 1

        Faces & Expressions

      • Day 2

        Body Shapes

      • Day 3

        Drawing Game - Kswaii Dice 1.0

      • Day 4

        Drawing Game - Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows

      • Day 5


      • Day 6


      • Day 7

        Drawing Game - Kawaii Dice 2.0

        • Day 8


        • Day 9

          Drawing Game - Shelfie

        • Day 10


        • Day 11

          Decorate Charaters with Texture

        • Day 12

          Use Texture in a Real Life Example

        • Day 13

          Outlines on Characters

        • Day 14

          Outlines on Doodle Artwork

            • Day 15


            • Day 16

              Decorate an Artwork

            • Day 17

              Drawing Game - Kawaii Dice 3.0

            • Day 18

              Learn to Create Doodle Designs

            • Day 19

              Learn to Create Pattern Designs

            • Day 20

              Drawing Game - Draw What You See

            • Day 21

              Turn Photos into Drawings

              And at the end of 21 days, you’ll have the skills, drawing references, and the confidence you need to draw your own kawaii characters.

              I have signed up for the course and I absolutely love it. For the first time, I feel like this is going to work. You have no idea how happy you have made me!

              Stephanie Koujou

              I wanted to learn kawaii in an organized manner. I’ve been saving random images for reference, and now I am thrilled to come across this course that presents everything in a systematic way.

              Natalia Hawthorne

              What's Included?

              • 21 INDIVIDUAL LESSONS

                I break down the skills you need to draw your own kawaii characters by applying my proven DICE Learning Method. We take it step-by-step with 21 separate lessons that all build on each other. After learning the individual building blocks you will be able to create your OWN kawaii characters!


                Downloadable worksheets with over 30 step-by-step exercises and games in total. Each lesson focuses on 1 skill, so you don't get overwhelmed.


                As part of the course, you will receive a BONUS eBook packed with drawing references you can use in your own drawings: 40 Faces, 24 body shapes, textures,  decorations, hands, feet, poses, and creativity prompts.

                TODAY'S PRICE = $97 USD

                I've been looking for so long for something able to give me the opportunity to free my creativity with no limits... and I've finally found what I needed!

                –Chiara Silvestri

                I've always wanted to learn to draw, but I felt overwhelmed. I drew what other people drew to teach myself, but it just wasn't the same as making my own drawings. Your course was perfect! It wasn't overwhelming at all. I was really surprised I could actually draw at the end! 😂

                –Rachel Wilson

                I'm having such a good time with your kawaii course. I look at the characters I draw for the assignments and I can hardly believe I'm the one who drew them!

                –Cyndy Richardson

                How is this course run?

                The course is run through worksheets and step-by-step instructions

                • 21 lessons in 21 days (but you can jump to any lesson)
                • 15 minutes a day for each lesson (5 hours in total over 3 weeks – more if you want, of course)
                • Clear step-by-step instructions and worksheets for each lesson (over 30 worksheets and games in total)
                • Focus on one skill of drawing kawaii in each lesson
                • Lessons build on each other in skill and difficulty
                • Each lesson is achievable
                • In most lessons you will finish a drawing (so you can quickly share it on social media!)

                What do I need for this course?

                • Time: 15 – 30 mins a day for 3 weeks
                • Drawing materials: 2 black pens (thin and thick), pencil, eraser, worksheets (just print out)
                • Optional: Coloring supplies, if you want to color your drawings (note: color is not covered in this course)
                • No experience
                • Enthusiasm and a sense of fun

                Check out student work!

                Frequently Asked Questions

                1. How do I know this is going to work for me?

                2. Can't I get kawaii tutorials for free on the internet?

                3. I don't have time!

                4. I don't have talent...

                5. I didn't learn to draw as a kid. Can I still be good at drawing?

                6. Am I too old to learn how to draw?

                7. Do I have to do it in 21 days?

                8. What happens after 21 days?

                10. Do I need an iPad to do the course?

                How Is This Course Different?

                Well, most drawing courses have a bunch of steps that show you how to draw one particular thing.


                And most of these tutorials go like this: step 1, step 2, … step 20.


                They go from a basic sketch to a finished drawing in one giant leap.


                How can you possibly achieve that?! I found this to be a challenge when I was learning to draw too.


                This course is different. It will teach you the building blocks of drawing kawaii (any kawaii!) and how to combine them to create your own original characters.


                Think of this course as a Lego set. You can take these building blocks and create many different things. In contrast to 1 model car set, where you only get parts and instructions to build 1 particular car.


                It took me 10 years and many false starts to get here. But you will succeed much faster. I will show you the shortcuts, so you can save time and money! I will only teach the important parts, so you can learn how to draw kawaii in only 21 days.


                I REALLY want you to succeed. That's why I created a supportive community in our dedicated Academy Facebook Group, where you can stay accountable, inspired, and informed with our monthly Live Q&As.

                    Think of the Possibilities!

                    • Personal library of references for future projects
                    • ​​Skills to draw things you want to draw from your imagination
                    • Confidence to spontaneously draw any time, anywhere
                    • Access to our exclusive private Facebook community
                    • Creative business kick-starter
                    • Entertainment for your kids, colleagues, friends, and family
                    • Graphics for your blog, marketing materials, educational resources, presentations, social media
                    • Drawings you can use for DIY projects
                    • Lifelong drawing ability
                    • No-risk, 30-day money back guarantee
                    • The joy and fulfilment of knowing how to draw

                    Browse the course absolutely risk-free. I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. Simply email me if you want a refund.

                    About Your Course Creator

                    Hi, I’m Tatyana Deniz.

                    Full-time kawaii artist and educator.


                    But it wasn’t always that way.


                    I grew up in an environment where drawing was considered an elite skill, available only to those “born with it”.


                    Even though I didn’t have drawing lessons when I was a kid, I wanted to draw so much!! My love for art began long before my kawaii drawing journey began.


                    It wasn’t until the age of 29 that I began my formal training in art. My formal credentials include:

                    • Graphic Design degree from Billy Blue College of Design (Sydney)
                    • Full-time study at Julian Ashton Art School (Sydney)


                    After I received a solid foundation in the classical drawing skills in art school, I decided to pursue my passion and become a kawaii artist. :)


                    I spent the next 10 years drawing and teaching kawaii. I was able to learn exactly what skills are necessary to draw professional-level kawaii. AND how to teach these skills to others. I discovered the common mistakes people make, and how to fix them.


                    That's how I developed my own DICE Learning Method that allows you to learn faster and more effectively. Hundreds of students of all levels have applied the power of DICE to discover their creativity and learn how to draw with confidence.


                    It worked for me. It works for my students. It will work fo you too!


                    Go on, discover how creative you actually are, and how GOOD you can be at drawing. Your results will surprise you!

                        © 2020 Tatyana Deniz